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Fabulous fossil preserves eyes of 429-million-year-old trilobite
Ars Technica
Aug 15, 2020 16:49 UTC. Read More

Entire cities could fit inside the moon's monstrous lava tubes
Aug 15, 2020 13:24 UTC. Read More

Climate change: Greenland's ice sheet has melted past the point of no return
League of Legends
Aug 15, 2020 13:22 UTC. Read More

Iconic observatory seen in James Bond film "GoldenEye" goes dark after massive telescope found mysteriously broken
CBS News
Aug 15, 2020 12:32 UTC. Read More

8 ways to repurpose your old Android or iPhone
TechRadar India
Aug 15, 2020 11:59 UTC. Read More

NASA STEREO Spacecraft’s Lone View of Betelgeuse Reveals More Strange Behavior – Is Supernova Imminent?
Aug 15, 2020 10:23 UTC. Read More

NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission prepares for touchdown on an asteroid
Aug 15, 2020 05:05 UTC. Read More

The New Pandemic Hobby: Gazing at the Stars
The Wall Street Journal
Aug 15, 2020 03:59 UTC. Read More

The Brightest Star In The Night Sky Rises Today (And No, It’s Not The North Star)
Aug 15, 2020 02:00 UTC. Read More

NASA shows off best Mars orbiter images from the past 15 years
Aug 14, 2020 23:57 UTC. Read More

U.S. Criminal Probe Looks at Former NASA Official’s Contacts With Boeing Executive
The Wall Street Journal
Aug 14, 2020 23:35 UTC. Read More

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Powered Up for the First Time in Interplanetary Space
Aug 14, 2020 23:22 UTC. Read More

NASA sets Oct. 23 as target launch date for first operational Crew Dragon mission
Spaceflight Now
Aug 14, 2020 23:20 UTC. Read More

Next NASA, SpaceX astronaut flight to launch no earlier than October
Business Insider
Aug 14, 2020 22:51 UTC. Read More

'Canary in the coal mine': Greenland ice has shrunk beyond return, study finds
Aug 14, 2020 22:11 UTC. Read More

Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Salty Ocean Deep Underground
VOA Learning English
Aug 14, 2020 21:56 UTC. Read More

The investigation into why a cable mysteriously broke on the Arecibo Observatory has begun
Aug 14, 2020 21:53 UTC. Read More

U.S. prosecutors probe ex-NASA official, Boeing over space contract: sources
Aug 14, 2020 20:50 UTC. Read More

Study rewrites the recent history of productive Cascade Arc volcanoes
Aug 14, 2020 20:48 UTC. Read More

Computer scientists set benchmarks to optimize quantum computer performance
Tech Xplore
Aug 14, 2020 20:42 UTC. Read More

Aurora mysteries unlocked with NASA's THEMIS mission
Aug 14, 2020 20:38 UTC. Read More

Greenland's ice sheet has melted to a point of no return, according to new study
Aug 14, 2020 20:27 UTC. Read More

Exploding Black Dwarfs Could Be the 'Last Interesting Thing to Happen in the Universe'
Aug 14, 2020 20:15 UTC. Read More

SpaceX and NASA plan to launch first full length astronaut mission in late October
Aug 14, 2020 19:06 UTC. Read More

Researchers overturn hypothesis underlying the sensitivity of the mammalian auditory system
Medical Xpress
Aug 14, 2020 17:59 UTC. Read More

A light bright and tiny: Scientists build a better nanoscale LED
Aug 14, 2020 17:59 UTC. Read More

Investigation begins into damage at one of the world’s most iconic observatories
The Verge
Aug 14, 2020 17:32 UTC. Read More

See hours of the 2020 Perseid meteor shower condensed to 10 seconds
Aug 14, 2020 17:17 UTC. Read More

Astronomers Discover First Look-Alike of Our Milky Way Galaxy in Early Universe
The Weather Channel
Aug 14, 2020 17:00 UTC. Read More

Indian Scientists Make Space Bricks With Urea For Buildings On Moon
Aug 14, 2020 16:15 UTC. Read More

Indian Scientists Make Space Bricks With Urine For Buildings On Moon
Aug 14, 2020 16:15 UTC. Read More

Aurora Mysteries Unlocked with 's THEMIS Mission
Aug 14, 2020 16:07 UTC. Read More

Perseid meteor shower 2020 brings celestial fireworks to the night sky (photos)
Aug 14, 2020 15:50 UTC. Read More

Air pollution harms honey bees too, study finds: Dirty air could kill 80% of bees in India
Aug 14, 2020 15:31 UTC. Read More

This Star Is Moving So Fast it Visibly Warps Spacetime
Aug 14, 2020 15:12 UTC. Read More

People slept on comfy grass beds 200,000 years ago
Ars Technica
Aug 14, 2020 14:55 UTC. Read More

Scientists: Probe Center of Uranus, You'll Hit Some Weird Water
Aug 14, 2020 14:50 UTC. Read More

IISc, Isro develop space bricks for lunar habitation
Times of India
Aug 14, 2020 14:41 UTC. Read More

NASA shares stunning photo of Jupiter and Saturn rising beyond 'Alien Throne Rock'
Mirror Online
Aug 14, 2020 13:50 UTC. Read More

Scientists Discover Simple Innovation to Make Quantum States Last 10,000 Times Longer
Aug 14, 2020 13:45 UTC. Read More

Scientists Have Been Warning About an “Insect Apocalypse” for Years – Not So Fast
Aug 14, 2020 13:12 UTC. Read More

Scientists probe the weird, alien water inside of Uranus and Neptune
Aug 14, 2020 13:09 UTC. Read More

Smoking gun at Betelgeuse: Hubble shows it was belching dust that dimmed the red supergiant
Aug 14, 2020 13:00 UTC. Read More

A superelastic alloy with a nearly limitless temperature window
Aug 14, 2020 12:49 UTC. Read More

Fastest star ever seen is moving at 8% the speed of light
Aug 14, 2020 12:18 UTC. Read More

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