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Kentucky man kidney issues, high blood pressure returns to work
May 27, 2020 23:54 UTC. Read More

Could a Hormone Help Spur High Blood Pressure?
May 26, 2020 18:35 UTC. Read More

High blood pressure: This type of cheese could lower your reading
May 24, 2020 14:57 UTC. Read More

High blood pressure during exercise may be a serious warning sign
Futurity: Research News
May 20, 2020 20:12 UTC. Read More

Gum Disease Has Strong Connection To High Blood Pressure,
Study Finds
May 18, 2020 12:13 UTC. Read More

World Hypertension Day 2020: Eight uncommon causes of high blood pressure
May 17, 2020 04:46 UTC. Read More

DASH diet: A healthy eating plan that can lower blood pressure Insider
May 14, 2020 15:09 UTC. Read More

New Orleans health experts stress importance of stroke, high blood pressure awareness
WDSU New Orleans
May 03, 2020 18:13 UTC. Read More

Monitoring Blood Pressure with Home Device? Here's How to Do It Right
Apr 21, 2020 20:23 UTC. Read More

Samsung Announces Blood Pressure Monitoring Application for Galaxy Watch Devices
Samsung Newsroom US
Apr 21, 2020 02:26 UTC. Read More

High blood pressure affects 108 million American adults, CDC says
The Washington Post
Apr 06, 2020 12:29 UTC. Read More

ACC: Medtronic's renal denervation study returns, showing drops in stubbornly high blood pressure
Mar 29, 2020 15:44 UTC. Read More

Cuffless blood pressure bracelets coming soon, Swiss tech startup gets €5.6M funding
Silicon Canals
Mar 24, 2020 13:44 UTC. Read More

'By Combining Keto And A Low-Carb Diet, I Was Able To Lower My Blood Pressure—And Lose 155 Lbs.'
Women's Health
Mar 22, 2020 10:30 UTC. Read More

Daily Steps Can Reduce Risk of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
Mar 06, 2020 00:05 UTC. Read More

'Cheese Addict' Loses 50lb And Ditches Blood Pressure Meds On Plant-Based Diet
Plant Based News
Mar 03, 2020 12:01 UTC. Read More

A low-fibre diet could lead to high blood pressure: study
Sydney Morning Herald
Feb 25, 2020 13:24 UTC. Read More

High blood pressure symptoms: The sign in your hair which could signal your risk
Feb 22, 2020 09:05 UTC. Read More

Woman with high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, early heart failure shares message
Feb 19, 2020 14:49 UTC. Read More

Tucson Morning Blend Cold medicine and high blood pressure, a dangerous combo Heather Rowe 1:11
Feb 17, 2020 20:10 UTC. Read More

Cold medicine and high blood pressure, a dangerous combo
Feb 17, 2020 20:10 UTC. Read More

What to Know About Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
Feb 17, 2020 11:00 UTC. Read More

Dr. Roach: When is the best time to take blood pressure meds?
Feb 14, 2020 20:59 UTC. Read More

Normal blood pressure is a range. How to read it and when to see a doctor
Yahoo News
Feb 14, 2020 20:25 UTC. Read More

When is the best time to take blood pressure meds?
Clinton Herald
Feb 14, 2020 15:59 UTC. Read More

What Causes High Blood Pressure? 8 Reasons for High Blood Pressure
Feb 13, 2020 21:17 UTC. Read More

Statins and blood pressure pills are not a 'free pass' to avoid healthy habits, experts warn
Daily Mail
Feb 05, 2020 19:02 UTC. Read More

What is hypertension? What high blood pressure means for you Insider
Jan 29, 2020 20:03 UTC. Read More

Doctors Studying New Device That Helps Regulate Blood Pressure, Heart Rate
CBS Pittsburgh
Jan 28, 2020 22:59 UTC. Read More

Canola Oil: From weight loss to lowering blood pressure, here are the 5 major benefits of the oil
Jan 28, 2020 12:03 UTC. Read More

What foods lower blood pressure and make up the DASH diet
Jan 17, 2020 22:59 UTC. Read More

Study finds blood pressure rises faster for women
Jan 17, 2020 03:05 UTC. Read More

Study finds blood pressure rises faster for women CBS News
Jan 17, 2020 03:04 UTC. Read More

New study could change the way women are treated for high blood pressure
ABC News
Jan 16, 2020 12:47 UTC. Read More

Plant pigment can significantly reduce blood pressure
Medical Xpress
Jan 15, 2020 19:49 UTC. Read More

Blood pressure rises faster and earlier in women than in men, explaining some heart disease differences
NBC News
Jan 15, 2020 19:48 UTC. Read More

Study sets blood pressure target for people over 80
Medical News Today
Jan 15, 2020 16:07 UTC. Read More

Varanasi's 'Chhappan Bhog' Pumpkin Reduces Blood Pressure And Obesity Tried It Yet?
Jan 15, 2020 10:42 UTC. Read More

The DASH diet can lower blood pressure — and dietitians say it's one of the healthiest ways to eat
Jan 09, 2020 22:25 UTC. Read More

Lingonberry Juice Consumption Reduces Blood Pressure and Improves Vascular Function: Study Medicine, Nutrition
Jan 08, 2020 20:20 UTC. Read More

Drinking This Berry Juice May Lower High Blood Pressure
The Sentinel Assam
Jan 06, 2020 05:18 UTC. Read More

Uncommon berry juice linked to lowered inflammation and blood pressure
Jan 05, 2020 12:15 UTC. Read More

How This Simple Drink Could Help Lower Blood Pressure
Jan 04, 2020 03:24 UTC. Read More

Will intermittent fasting help me lose weight, lower blood pressure and control blood sugar?
Miami Herald
Jan 03, 2020 11:00 UTC. Read More

High blood pressure: Enjoy a daily cup of this hot beverage may reduce your reading
Dec 31, 2019 09:03 UTC. Read More

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